Warhammer 40k – The Ultimate Game of War for Bored Anchorage Peeps

Winters are long in Anchorage, so why not enjoy the indoors of your warm houses with an extremely long an addictive game of Warhammer 40k?

For those people who have not condemned themselves as nerds such as me, Warhammer 40k is a table top war game. It is played with miniatures and very thick rulebooks. These rule books coupled with a litany of 6-sided dice, allows two people (or more) to wage war upon each other. You can either play until the other army is completely vanquished, or you can play for the traditional six turns.

The game takes place in a very dark futuristic setting in the year 40,000. There are space ships, space marines, corrupted space marines and all sorts of exotic monstrosities that make the lore of the game really fascinating. I talk about it at my website dungeonsanddragonsbooks.com

The slogan is “In the Future there is only War”

So Why is Warhammer 40k such a Great Game for People in Anchorage Alaska?

warhammer 40k game

Obviously the cold keeps us indoors for long periods of time. Why not enjoy yourself? Anyone that has enjoyed building and painting a model airplane or train can appreciate Warhammer 40,000. After all, each soldier you get you have to glue them together and then paint them. There is a such a litany of various models that you can spend hours and hours painting these models.

Not to mention the actual game itself typically takes between 3 to 4 hours to play.

All of this makes this game the perfect recipe for a dark dreary night in winter bound Anchorage Alaska.

Understanding Anchorage Alaska Real Estate 101: Equity

Home equity is the total ownership of your home. It’s important to understand for the purposes of describing your net worth – especially if you need to take out a loan, as you are able to use your equity as an asset. In any discussion on Anchorage Alaska real estate, it is especially crucial.

Let’s say Richard buys a bit of real estate in Anchorage Alaska.

Imagine a home in…glorious Anchorage Alaska!

Anchorage Alaska real estate

Does he really actually own it yet? Richard, despite his name, is not particularly rich, and had to take out a mortgage to make this purchase. So let’s say he bought it for $200K and paid 40K upfront, with a loan to cover the rest.

The 40K downpayment is Richard’s total equity here. He does not actually own the other 160K, and thus, owns 20% of the purchase of his home.

In the awesome event that your Richard’s value doubles over time to 400K, he will still owe that 160K, but will suddenly be sitting at 60% equity.┬áThe home equity increases with each monthly payment – a small bit of interest and a small reduction on the loan balance. Obviously, the more spent on the mortgage, therefore, the more the increase on home equity.

Being that it’s an asset, it’s usable in describing net worth, taking out loans, or using to purchase new homes, to retire, or for education. You might use it to buy your next home, to live in retirement, or to pay for an education.

When Richard buys a second home, it’s borrowed against his original home’s equity. This will make the purchase easier to complete, but it’s also somewhat risky – in the event Richard can’t pay it, he loses his original home.

If you’re interested in learning more on the subject, I would advise getting in touch with Kevin Elfrink, a man pretty knowledgeable on these subjects.

Also maybe check out more on equity here.

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